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Many nights I dream of works that are so unexpected it causes jaws to drop and sales to soar, so someone else can get paid and feed their family. When I wake up, I try to make it true.

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If you're interested in making works like that,​ please get in touch.

Times I was lucky
D&AD | New Blood Black, Yellow, White Pencils 2023
Young Stars | Bronze 2022
​Young Lions | Gold in Film 2022
Young Shits | Student Winner 2022
​Young Ones
 | Shortlist 2023
​L'Oreal Brandstorm | Finalist 2022

+ etc.
Little experience
BVIS Vietnam | Media Intern | Oct 2020.- Dec 2021
​Mullenlowe Mishra | Copywriter Intern | June 2023 - Present
Mentors I never forget
Huyen Nguyen | My first boss, we still keep in touch
Soumik Parida |
3 years of trust and fruits, he's the reason I'm here
My heroes
David Abbott, Steve Harrison, Piyush Pandey, Bob Gill, Paula Green, Mary Wear, and of course, Quynh & Toan
RMIT Vietnam | Communication Bachelor | Year 3
​D&AD New Blood Academy | 2023
Red blood yellow skin.
​I'm a copywriter from Vietnam.
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